During this time of great anxiety and uncertainty for the families we work with, Coconino CASA for Kids is here to help! Please contact foster parents and especially kinship families to ask if they need diapers, wipes, food, and child care assistance. For basic needs, we are ready to review requests quickly and get help out fast!  More complex needs such as internet access for classes and school work should include an explanation of how the access will be established and maintained for the school year. ​

Coconino CASA for Kids appreciates all that you do for this vulnerable population and we want to help reduce the hardship and anxiety stemming from our country’s necessary response to the Coronavirus.

Due to the increased number of grants requested, if approved, grant requests will be filled on Monday and Thursday.  There are also new pick-up/delivery options for gift cards​ (see below).
Please note:

  • Requests for assistance can be submitted by a CASA, GAL, DCS Case Manager, JPO, child's attorney, foster parent, or foster care licensing agent. If a request is made by a foster placement or licensing agent, a copy of the Notice to Provider will be requested before the request is considered. You will be contacted via email if the Notice to Provider is required.  All requests will be reviewed by the Coconino CASA for Kids, Inc. Board. Applicants will be notified of final decision as soon as possible.

  • Please also research the availability of funds for your need by checking with Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundations’s Home Page at (General Grants) (What We Fund) or call them at (602) 252-9445.  
Name(s) of Children
Requester's Relationship to child (CASA, GAL, DCS, JPO, child's attorney, foster parent or licensing agent)
Please provide an explanation of the support that you are requesting as well as details regarding how this award will benefit the child (ren).
Gender(s) of Children
Requester's Name
Age(s) of Children
Amount Requested
Requester's Phone Number
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A gift card will be provided for the approved amount, please specify the store name for the gift card
Would you like the gift card delivered electronically via e-giftcard (preferred method), or available for pick-up at Juvenile Court, CASA office, or DCS office?
Date gift card is needed?
DCS Case Manager's name or JPO's name
DCS Case Manager's email address or JPO's email address
If delivered electronically (e-giftcard), what is the name of the foster placement?
If delivered electronically (e-giftcard), what is the email address of the foster placement?